Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Monster Nest and a skull pillar

I’ve been painting some terrain-pieces in between all those picts.
The Monster Nest from Oathsworn Miniatures is a nice little piece that I’m sure will see action.

The Skull Pillar comes from RAFM and will serve well as a plot point in Pulp Alley. The little pile of skulls is from the same company, and… well, you can never have to many piles of skulls.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Final Picts for Conan

It’s been a slow painting-start this year as I’ve mainly worked on these for the Conan game.
They are the final ten picts from the core box, meaning that there are only five Belit’s Guards and five hyenas left. Yay!
Those are all on the painting table now being prepared.

I so look forward to taking the Conan-box to the club to be able to play a lot of games with fully painted minis. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Jungle Fever, Sci-fi City Terrain, Walls and Structures

The new 3D-printing-crowdfunding-year has gained momentum with four new kickstarters for this weeks round-up.

Let’s travel to the jungles of the Aztec and whatever suitable jungle-civilisation your favourite game caters for.
Here you have the chance get hold of some beautiful Mesoamerican OpenLOCK-compatible scenery that would look great in most fantasy and pulp jungle-settings.
There are some fantastic-looking structures that make my mouth water. Great stuff, well worth a look.
Get a couple of tiles for €2, the whole lot for €77, or anything in between.
There is also an option to get physical resin-pieces for your Blood Ball pitch.
This KS ends on January 22, 2018.

Another OpenLOCK compatible kickstarter (and also compatible with Dragonbite), this time from Hayland Terrain – veterans in the 3d-printing kickstarter field with five previous projects.
Here we have mostly interiors for your SF-houses, with a sprinkling of external accessories, excellent if you already have SF-buildings ready or as files.
There is also an option to get the files from the first sci-fi kickstarter, so you have somewhere to put all that furniture.
I got the files from Hayland’s last kickstarter (Fantasy) and they look great, and I really look forward to printing them.
This KS ends on January 23 2018.

More Sci-Fi, this time buildings and structures suitable for a base on a moon or asteroid.
These are without interiors and look rather realistic, or at least how I imagine a base in hard vacuum would look like.
I think these are scaled at about 1/100 scale.
This KS ends on February 8, 2018.

If you’re looking for stand-alone walls for your gaming table, then you should take a look at this.
You’ll get tons of walls and doors that seem really easy to assemble into mazes of corridors, ready to be filled with creepy crawlies of the deadliest kind.
This KS ends on February 4 2018.

All photos, renders and illustrations © Lovecraft Design & Manufacture, Hayland Terrain, Project Mobius and Nik F. respectively and used with permission.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Crowdfunding Watch – 3D-printing – Rome, Old West, Painting Tools and Cars

It’s been a couple of quiet weeks for 3D-printing kickstarters, but now it seems to have started again.
First up we have our old friend Jens of 3D-Print-Terrain that has this really well timed Printable Tabletop Terrain for Ancient Rome. What more could one wish for in a game of Gangs of Rome?
A pledge of €40 will get you four houses and stretch goals. The campaign is racing through those, and at the moment you’ll get more houses, gatehouses, a tower and a wall-set and can look forward to a legionary fieldcamp.
Surely worth a look, double so if you want to game ancient Rome.
This KS ends on February 1, 2018.
Old West Buildings for HO Scale Train Layouts & Wargaming is from a new kickstarter creator and no surprises here – it’s all about the Old West. $40 will get you stl-files a whole town scalable from 1/87 (HO) scale all the way to 30 mm.
He has set rather high funding goal and is, at the moment, a bit over halfway there.
This KS ends on January 16, 2018.
Next up is Miniature Painting tools - Resin cast or 3D STL files, where you’ll either get the physical miniature holders or print them yourself.
This could be a good alternative to the usual paint-bottle-caps, corks or whatnot. Would be interesting to try out.
This KS ends on January 22, 2018.
Finally we have 3D Printable Cars (STL Files) Relaunch, where you get… cars! These are meant to be used as good-looking alternatives in racing boardgames and are in 1/220 scale, but you can of course scale that up or down.
Definitely worth a try if racing is your thing. Well, it's really a no-brainer in that case.
Crappy, coloured, originals vs fancy printed ones.
This KS ends on January 27, 2018.
Why use cardboard when you can have printed models?

All photos and illustrations © 3D-Print-Terrain, Paul Long Jr, Falkenwelt Modellbau and Fickle Fiend Studio respectively and used with permission.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Good Bye 2017, Welcome 2018

What happened?
Another year came and went. I went all to fast.
So whatever did happen this last year?
Posts - 110 for a total of 704
Followers – 15 new for a total of 200
Goggle+ Followers – 17 new for a total of 112
Hits – the bots scaled down activities in mid-summer and hits per month are back to normal pre-superbot-levels now. No real need to count them anymore as they are so skewed.
4 French tanks.
Should have been more, but there is hope for our France 1940 Chain of Command games. Quite a few French soldiers are at least close to the painting table.
Fantasy: 93 medium-sized and 6 large
Pulp: 18 medium and one large
SF: 24 civilians and 1 large robot, all for MERCS. The civvies will work well in modern settings, and will see use in 7TV.
Western: 4 medium
WWII: 2 tankettes, a sub and a mini-sub. They will all double as pulp-rides.
Dust: 10 soldiers and 2 vehicles.
Terrain: Lots and lots of scatter terrain and a few buildings.
All in all a rather good year.
I had my printer serviced and after that it worked… somewhat… until is broke again… sigh.
I’ve backed a couple of games, some figures and a few 3D-printing kickstarters. Not too bad, actually, as the amount of miniatures in the tin- and plastics-mountain didn’t increase too much.
Received some stuff, like Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and still waiting for the customer-relations-horror-story that is Shadows of Brimstone. Remind me to never, ever, buy anything from Flying Frog Productions as they don’t deserve any customers, really.

Games and miniatures
The minis from the Conan core box are nearly done, and they are the highest priority just now. Then I expect to see lots of Conan on the gaming table.
Other games that would benefit from painted minis are Blood Rage, Mythic Battles: Pantheon and SMOG: Rise of Moloch (that will deliver in early 2018). Of those I think Blood Rage will hit the gaming table the soonest, as it I already have some minis painted.
I’ve played a game of the new DUST 1947 rules and really fancied the changes. Rules are bought and minis prepared. There will be games soon and certainly more minis painted.
Had a game of Chain of Command the other day and it was great fun, as always. I really have to paint the last few 20mm figures we need for France 1940.
As usual I will paint whatever I fancy from the tin- and plastics mountain. Probably mostly fantasy, but almost certainly some pulp and sf, too. I plan to start a Pulp Alley solo campaign, to try out that style of gaming, so will probably need some minis for that.
When it comes to terrain I will continue to work through all the unpainted scatter terrain I have lying about. I still have a couple of unfinished houses, but not too much.
A new printer is high up on the wish-list for 2018. I have my eyes set on the new Prusa i3 Mk3. We’ll see what happens.
I hope to see some of you on Gothcon this Easter. I’ll be there with the kids and will also have a participation game of Sharp Practice with my fellow Penguins. 
If you want to game me (and a bunch of very nice chaps) on a regular basis, then it’s a good idea to join Little Wars Stockholm!

Have a good 2018 and roll lots of dice!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

KV47 Engineer versions

KV47-G Mikhail armed with a sulfur jet and pincer. Ordinary SSU-soldier as size-comparison.
Here we have one kit with four versions of the SSU walker KV47 for Dust.
KV47-H Maksim with a chainsaw and pincer
KV47-I Marlen armed with monkey wrench and pincer
The KV47 from behind

KV47-J Melor with a 45mm howitzer and monkey wrench